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RenoBIM almost finished 1RenoBIM is an innovative solution based on Building Information Modelling technology. The tool allows automating the data flow, starting from the data gathering of the existing building, through the generation of a 3D model of the building and the design of the renovation project with the BERTIM prefabricated modules, up to the integration of the data with CNC manufacturing technology.

The RenoBIM is a web application accessible from standard web browser without any plugin installation. It is a collaboration environment which enables architects, designers, manufacturers and building owners to configure a building renovation project. In a preliminary stage potential clients (building owners, architects) can evaluate the feasibility for renovation with basic data of the building, with some indicators on potential savings. In an advanced mode, the clients together with manufacturers can exploit the full potential of BIM by uploading an IFC model generated through a 3D scan. More detailed energy simulations and a configuration of the façade splitting and rendering can be done here, being able to export the data to the manufacturers CAD-CAM software optimizing and shortening the design process.

This approach has the advantages of the typical configurators, such as managing a catalogue of predefined elements and powerful 3D visualization environments. It is also worth noting that each user of RenoBIM is able to update catalogue of prefabricated modules and legislation aspects which will be available for all other users of the tool. Thanks to that, there is no need of permanently updating the local catalogue. It constitutes very attractive advantage of RenoBIM, especially in comparison with other systems available on the market.

How the RenoBIM tool works?

The starting point in the elaboration of a renovation project with RenoBIM is the feasibility study, where the tools checks the feasibility of implementing BERTIM solutions through basic questionnaires about accessibility, legislation or structural aspects.

RenoBIM almost finished 1

Once the renovation solution is selected, the Renovation Project DST will perform a multi-criteria analysis in order to evaluate worth of the renovation project according to the possible reduction of energy consumption, investment costs, payback period, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, etc. At this stage the user will enter the geometry and building parametres from basic user forms.

RenoBIM almost finished 2

In a more advanced stage, possibly after a successful feasibility study and a contract engagement (but not necessarily), a BIM model of the building to be renovated will be created. The building envelope will be modelled with high degree of detail and accuracy. The model of the envelope will be generated through 3D scanning systems. This model will be enriched with parameters that are relevant for the thermal performances of the building (thermal transmittance of the opaque and transparent surfaces, solar heat gain coefficient of the transparent surfaces, tightness etc), which will be after exported to a detaled energy simulation engine (Energy Plus)

Once the building template is available, the Renovation Project DST will guide the designer in the selection of most cost effective prefabricated modules (materials, insulation etc.) and building installations for the building renovation. The Renovation Project Configurator will allow a geometrical definition of the prefabricated modules, taking into account the Building 3D Template that has been developed. The renovation project will be defined through the combination of the different prefabricated modules that will be defined in the BERTIM project and included in the RenoBIM Prefabricated Modules Repository. The configurator will select the best renovation option on the base of parameters of the existing building and energy efficiency requirements described in the Regulations and Building Codes Database.

At the end of the design process, the Renovation Configurator will generate the renovation project as an IFC model. IFC is the main interoperability standard in the construction sector which allows access to the renovation project from the most common CAD tools in the construction sector. Moreover the results can be exported to the Energy+ software in order to develop detailed calculations once the design is finished. Finally, RenoBIM will allow timber manufacturers to prepare manufacturing schedule of each element of the modules and send the manufacturing orders to the CNC machines.

RenoBIM almost finished 3

How to get an access to the RenoBIM tool?

As the BERTIM consortium is finishing works on the prototype of RenoBIM, it is planned that the tool will be available on the websites of timber manufacturers participated in the project: EGOIN, POBI and SETRA. Therefore, do not forget to visit our main website and follow news about availability of RenoBIM so as to test our innovative tool during the coming weeks.

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