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demo France 6The demonstrator building project in Charité sur Loire is a great opportunity for BERTIM in order to implement the renovation modules designed by BERTIM team, but also to take into account the difficulties related to the existing building, the constraints of urban or peri-urban environments and the implementation. The realization of this demonstrator will be in the framework of WP6 of the BERTIM project.

Design strategy with the city

The city Charité sur Loire project consists of a diagnosis of the existing building and an improvement of the uses of the building for receiving temporary housings between social and emergency housings or temporary employment contracts housings.

Currently, the city has chosen an architect agency to whom the retrofitting desin project will be assigned. This architect will design the project with the BERTIM team and will define the specifications of the work to be carried out. The team BERTIM will also bring multiple variants that the project could offer in virtual demonstrations.

The retrofitting project was estimated at 1M euros by the city. They plan to apply for a state subsidy of 60% and the 40% will be in their budget. They plan to a feasibility of project in 2nd half of 2017 and delivery at the end of 2018.

demo France 1


Diagnosis of Charité sur Loire building

The diagnosis of the building began by comparing several methods to determine which one is suitable for prefabrication of renovation solutions:

  • The first methodology is a survey with a surveyor station LEICA TCRP 1205 with the creation of a file of points and import in DXF or DWG in a CAD software.
  • The second is with a LEICA 3D disto station connected to a tablet with a file creation of points and lines, and imports in DXF and DWG
  • The third is 3D DISTO connected to a computer and direct integration of the points in the DIETRICH'S CAD


demo France 2 demo France 3
LEICA TCRP 1205 LEICA 3D disto



The search for a very high precision on the edges leads to the identification of erroneous points which lie elsewhere than the desired points.

  • To best approximate the precision required by the prefabrication, a 4th methodology by 3D LASER SCAN was engaged by POBI (service provider)

demo France 4

Results of existing buiding survey

POBI contributes in the disgnostic and survey of the existing building by creating 3D digital model with high precision, in order to facilitate prefabrication.
The 3D models are now available and will be used by the architect commissioned by the city for the retrofitting design of EDF building in Charité sur Loire.

demo France 5 demo France 6
Principal facade Rear facade
demo France 7 demo France 8
3D Digital model of the existing building
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