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The BERTIM prefabricated modules for building façade retrofitting,  as well as the  BERTIM building renovation holistic approach, will be tested in 3 building demonstrator, two real, in Charité sur Loire (France) and Oslo (Norway) and one virtual, in Madrid (Spain) managed by the partners POBI, Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF and EMVS respectively.

 bertim buildings

The building selected as Virtual Demo in Madrid for the BERTIM project is a multi-storey building ( 4 storeys+ ground floor) for residential use and also commercial in the ground floor. It was built in 1.948 and located in Madrid downtown, where low height buildings were built in the 40-50’, with very poor thermal performance. The building will be undergone to rehabilitation but the BERTIM solution is not suitable enough because the deadline of the retrofitting project does not match with the progress of the BERTIM project. Therefore, the building has been selected as virtual demonstrator to validate the RenoBIM Tool, approaching the whole process of a renovation with the BERTIM modules, from the design to the construction, as it should be done in a real demonstration, although no renovation will be carried out at the end.

It is placed between two other buildings, so the main façade, oriented to the south, has the potential application of the main BERTIM project development, its 2D modules: prefabricated modules for façade in timber frame with air ducts and water pipes within them for domestic hot water, heating, cooling and ventilation distribution. Since it has a flat roof, it is suitable to test both 3D modules as well: 3D prefabricated modules in CLT to locate the centralized HVAC system and  Residential 3D modules in the roof adding one more floor for dwelling to the building.

Buildings constructed in those years, with high energy demand and high primary energy consumption, are target of deep renovation policies and one of the scopes of the project is to reduce primary energy consumption by at least a factor of 2. Specifically, Madrid demo building has 83.1 kWh/m2·year heating demand and 17.3 kWh/m2·year cooling demand with 178.6 kWh/m2·year non-renewable primary energy consumption so corresponding reductions will be addressed along the Virtual Demo assessment, designing high insulated 2D modules and solar panels and efficient HVAC systems with heat recovery on 3D modules, to reduce primary energy consumption at least in 50%, i.e., to 89.3 kWh/m2·year.

The Demonstrator in La Charité sur Loire is a multi-storey building ( 4 storeys+ ground floor), currently used to accommodate people in difficulty in several apartments on three levels (400m²) and to host the activities of two associations on the ground floor and in the Annexes (500m m²). This construction built at the end of the 60s is very poorly insulated and has an unattractive exterior appearance, what perfectly expresses the state of the techniques of the time of its construction.

The city of La Charité has decided to engage in the development of a project to modernize its social action in this building, setting up a working group which task is to conduct a diagnosis of current use and to make proposals for the realization of intermediate housing solutions between social housing and emergency housing. In this context the initiative of POBI to renovate the building with BERTIM modules comes up, and the building located in Place of Europe is selected as demonstrator for implementing the BERTIM holistic approach through the modules designed, manufactured and installed by POBI.

The building renovated is planned to be delivered at the end of 2018, which suits with the progress of the BERTIM project and will be useful to check the whole renovation process with BERTIM solutions in a real building

Finally, the Demonstrator in Oslo is a building owned and managed by Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF, who will share their experience from a public building owner´s perspective in the BERTIM project. The building, located in a dense residential area in Oslo, was built in 1955, but it has been rebuilt and added annexes several times since this, being last time in 1983. It has three floors, including basement and attic, and the façade is made of timber panel with insulation. Currently the use of the building is as a respite care home (planned care provided for children in order to provide temporary relief for the families), mostly in use during weekends. Regarding the thermal performance, it is remarkable that the Energy consumption is 121 kWh/m2a. Notice that the building is used primarily during the weekends and it is empty most of the week, due to the activity developed within it. The heating demand is got through direct electricity, complemented by air -to -air heat pumps.

Although the building typology is not identified as the most suitable to be used a demonstrator to validate renovation with prefabricated modules (due to the difficult access to some walls, irregularities of the facades,  presence of overhangs and the added difficulties for connecting the new envelop to the existing structure made of timber frame), some façades are useful to test the BERTIM modules and the holistic renovation process. Moreover, the interest of this selected building is the representativeness of this typology in Northern countries, where many buildings are built in timber frame with timber insulated panels in facades.  BERTIM modules, manufactured and installed by SETRA, will be therefore tested on it. Facing to the complexity of the renovation works in this building would enable to work deeply in specific solutions for BERTIM modules, which could be replicable further in this kind of typologies.

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