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certification application150Certification of BERTIM modules is intended to attest timber structural systems achieving common use in retrofitting buildings described in BERTIM project. This certification is based on a technical description, which respects the actual regulations in Europe. The building retrofitting modules for BERTIM have to be validated considering all of the points in the repository: 2D modules and 2D modules with installations.


The following items are aborded in the certification procedure:

  • Mechnanical stability;
  • Thermal performances;
  • Airtightness;
  • Acoustic performance;
  • Fire safety design;
  • Durability and
  • Singular points performances.

For all manufacturers which ask for a BERTIM certification, the following table shows a suggestion of list of documents to be prepared.table certification3

For all materials, an analysis of mechanical and/or physical performance is necessary in order to compare them to the requirements of the standards.

We note for the following elements:

1. Solid wood, finger jointed wood, solid timber reconditioned and glued laminated wood:

  • wood species,
  • structural classification,
  • dimensions (section, length, thickness),
  • products and applied preservation technique,
  • products and technique applied either indoors or outdoors,
  • products and techniques for the manufacture of beams.

2. Panels derived from wood:

  • type of panel,
  • quality: corresponding class and standard,
  • dimensions.

3. Insulation material:

  • nature and data sheet descriptive of insulation,
  • density,
  • reaction to fire.

4. Fixing elements (tips, screws):

  • nature and quality of protection of the various components (galvanizing, dichromating, stainless steel, aluminum alloy).

5. Insulation material:

  • nature and data sheet,
  • permeability to water and air (vapor barrier and rain cover).

6. Insulation material:

  • compositions,
  • moisture content of wood structural elements and applied preservation treatment,
  • section of cross-beams, uprights and distances,
  • nature and dimensions of the fasteners of the working web (wood panels) on the frames,
  • dimensions of prefabricated wall elements,
  • wall fixing systems,
  • systems for joining wall elements to one another,
  • bearing system or not,
  • method and rules used for dimensioning walls (loads applied, maximum length, maximum height),
  • integration of openings.

The building demonstrator of BERTIM project in Charité sur Loire will feed the details of construction and implementation that will complete the technical repository of the certification. The solutions designed for retrofitting Charité sur Loire building will be certificated by BERTIM as a reference of realization.

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