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Natalia Lasarte (TECNALIA), Project Coordinator of BERTIM, successfuly presented BIM - smart, innovative technical tool elaborated within the project's frame - during  Digital Tools Day (DTD), in Bordeaux, France, on 23rd of October 2018. The particular conference, entitled  "How BIM can ensure quickness, quality and high performance in renovation with timber prefabricated modules" was organized in the frame of the event. 

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As Natalia Lasarte explains, 80 persons approximately attended, with  presentations on the context, on the stakes related to the digitalization, on reasons why to invest in this field and joining some European initiatives on renovation and tools developments.

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The conference was mainly focused on two European H2020 projects coordinated by Nobatek/INEF4, both making the most of new BIM related technologies and digital opportunities for more efficient buildings. The event itself was part of the final conference of the project H2020 "Tools for the 21st Century Construction Worksite (BUILT2SPEC)". But "sister" EU  projects, dedicated - as BERTIM is - to novel solutions in the area of energy efficiency and the using of digital tools to assess possibilities of development - were invited to present their findings. For conference participants it's clear that among digital tools, it’s widely accepted nowadays that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the cornerstone to meet the growing technical complexity of the sector, to overcome the fragmentation of the construction process and problems of communication between stakeholders, spot errors before they happen, reduce time and improve quality.

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Bertim kommer att utveckla prefabricerade lösningar som möjliggör renoveringar för ökad energiprestanda, luftkvalitet, utseende, komfort och byggnadsvärde, tillsammans med ett mycket lågt intrång och störande arbete under själva renoveringsarbetet.

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Tillverkningen av lösningarna kommer att ingå i en helhetsmetodik för renoveringsprocessen, från datainsamling till installering.

Metodiken baseras på ett digitalt dataflöde i BIM och kommer att implementeras i mjukvaran RenoBIM, vilken kommer att medföra minskad renoveringstid, anpassad massproduktion och lägre investeringsrisk.

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