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BERTIM will develop a new platform targeted to mass manufacturing methodologies applied to the whole renovation process of a timber-based building. Two main innovations are envisaged in this approach, which enable the complete data flow from reality capture to manufacturing orders:

  • A methodology and support tools to capture real building data (using laser scanning techniques) transferring it to a BIM-based Web3D environment.
  • Building renovation project definition and communication with CNC manufacturing machines by means of BIM application. 

In parallel, an additional innovation is related to the integration of BIM-IFC viewing and editing support inside Web3D based configurators.

This new tool will comprise three main blocks:

  • Data gathering and building model template: from the 3D laser scanning methodology to the development of the building 3D template for renovation. This methodology will provide added value to the companies currently working only in data acquisition.
  • The developed modules will be described in BIM (IFC) for future use in any software compatible with BIM.
  • The renovation project will be defined in BIM, so that any sectorial software (thermal, structural, fluid, etc) importing BIM will directly have the building model and will be able to carry out the required analysis.

BERTIM will allow the interoperability of the developed results with BIM, and especially with the Dietrich’s software.

Although IFC support is quite extended within CAD tools, this is not the case in CAM tools. For example, according to the buildingSmart organization, there is no CAM tool in the timber construction sector that supports the IFC data model. In order to avoid this disruption in the information flow from the design tools to the CNC machines that will manufacture the modules, the BERTIM project will work to integrate the Dietrich’s CAD/CAM software for the wood building industry in the automated information flow from design to manufacturing.

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