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Dietrich CAD for Timber frame construction SmallRenoBIM software will be the application for the first stages of any BERTIM project. It will be a cloud-based platform, to give help to design first and then decide in the best way, before any engagement of manufacturing process. As its name indicates, the inputs and outputs of RenoBIM will be based on IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).

RenoBIM will first allow importing a 3D model concerning the extern walls and roof top of the building. The acquisition of this 3D model will be based on classic technologies with theodolites or cloud of points with 3D scan. A guide will be produced to obtain the best results with different existing tools to create this 3D model and then import it into RenoBIM with IFC format.

RenoBIM will then give access to dynamic libraries with several catalogues (from several producers) of prefabricated modules. With this dynamic libraries (variable dimensions and variable windows), RenoBIM will allow a first 3D simulation and visualisation of the renovation.

In order to compare results about energy consumption of the building before and after renovation through different simulations, physical characteristics will be associated to the modules and physical analysis will be provided, partly by RenoBIM and partly by expert tools using national rules by export through IFC format. Times for prefabrication and installation associated to prefabricated modules will also provide information about the schedule of the renovation.

The results about energy saving compared in RenoBIM with the costs of the renovation will give information about return on invest to facilitate the best financial decisions.

After these first stages of design, the manufacturing process can begin and RenoBIM tool will be tested in industrial setting. All the required information will be exported through IFC format into several CAD systems used by the three industrial manufacturers involved in Bertim, which means Tekla for Martinsons, Cadwork for Egoïn and Dietrich’s for Pobi.

At this stage, the detailed concept for the BERTIM mass manufacturing process combining on-site and off-site activities will be adapted to each manufacturer, validated and pre-tested before real application on demonstration buildings. The interoperability between RenoBIM and these different specialized CAD systems for detailed design and finally CAM systems for CNC manufacturing will be also tested and validated in these three companies.

The global target is to obtain a continuous design process (avoiding double data input) from the first stages produced with RenoBIM until industrial manufacturing on CNC machines with different kinds of CAD and CAM systems.

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