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zdjęcie do art o raporcie SmallASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre has prepared the First BERTIM Exploitation and Continuity Plan. The research topic covered in the report concerns risk assessment and exploitation strategies related to market implementation of BERTIM products and services.

The first BERTIM risk assessment has been developed basing on the desk research and primary research elaborated at the preliminary stage. When analyzing potential risk concerning BERTIM market deployment, it was essential to take a closer look at the current trends and developments in the political (P), economic (E), social (S), technological (T), environmental (E) and legal (L) surroundings of the above investments and to outline a preliminary PESTEL analysis for BERTIM. As a result, the project consortium evaluated over 70 potential risks and selected the most important of them.
On the base of the analysis presented in the report, the further research steps will be carried out. All risks selected by the partners will be further analysed in order to evaluate their real impact on the commercialization of the BERTIM exploitable results. It will allow the project consortium to implement well developed exploitation strategies which will take into account different scenarios of commercialization and exploitation, with reference to various factors that may limit opportunities for achieving market success.

The second part of the report includes initial, commercial and non-commercial exploitation strategies for the BERTIM exploitable results. The exploitation plans are presented in order to find and answer to the questions connected with the following key points: innovativeness introduced by each BERTIM exploitable result, customers of the results, exploitation forms (licensing, start up, etc.), other partners involved in development and commercialization of the exploitable results, status of IPR etc.

This part of the report is based on analysing gaps that have to be filled during the further stages of the project implementation. All information collected and described in the First Exploitation and Continuity Plan will be used for implementation of further research steps aimed at development of the Final Exploitation and Continuity Plan. The document also stresses out the importance  of organisation of Exploitation Strategy Seminar which is a useful tool for collecting additional data required for successful commercialization of the BERTIM products and services. Moreover, all these activities will improve the quality of the consortium knowledge about expectations and plans of each project member.

Given the involvement of industry as well as service and academic partners and research organisations in the project, appropriate exploitation strategies must ensure that industrial, service and academic interests are appropriately taken into account as part of the exploitation. Therefore, the report also presents current IPR agreements that have been introduced within the project consortium. The First Exploitation and Continuity Plan describes internal rules related to joint ownership and transfer of results, publications, exclusive licenses, access rights for implementation, access rights for exploitation, access rights for affiliated entities, access rights for Parties entering or leaving the Consortium and access rights to software.

With the content included in The First Exploitation and Continuity Plan, the BERTIM partners will be provided with potential guidelines, an integrated vision of all exploitation activities and advice about new opportunities. This view will also allow the project consortium to improve their knowledge on potential target groups and most promising markets.

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