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RenoBIM meetingDevelopment of RenoBIM - a new platform targeted to mass manufacturing methodologies applied to the whole renovation process of a timber-based building - is one of the main goals of BERTIM. Project partners met to discuss how to promote the new tool.

The technical meeting was held on 7th-9th February 2017 in Munchen, where Dietrich’s headquarter is located. Participants of the meeting discussed how to distribute RenoBIM as a marketing tool which can be used for establishing contacts with manufacturers, filtering unfeasible projects and collecting useful information about potential target buildings. Members of the BERTIM consortium also considered potential ways to integrate detailed analysis based on IFC with RenoBIM in order to provide clients with additional opportunities and services.

It was agreed that the promotion strategy should emphasize several RenoBIM competitive advantages, such as ability to automatically evaluate the energy savings potential of the building through a comprehensive simulation, and opportunity for providing more accurate results on costs and energy savings. Moreover, the participants decided that all promotional activities should pay close attention to the most important benefits of RenoBIM: energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and reduced time on-site, as it may encourage different stakeholders to use the tool in different renovation activities.

During the meeting, the further steps aimed at development of RenoBIM was also defined. The members of the consortium decided that the next internal conferences will be organized so that they can improve quality of the tool and thus to meet expectations of potential RenoBIM users, such as manufacturers and building owners.

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