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KUBIK3Within BERTIM project a series of tests were conducted in order to validate a new type envelope made of timber and other secondary materials that made up the envelope of this panelised energy efficient upgrading system. Testing of the prototype in a real infrastructure was key element for measuring and validating the performance of these panels and to making steps ahead on the final configuration of the system.



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certification application150Certification of BERTIM modules is intended to attest timber structural systems achieving common use in retrofitting buildings described in BERTIM project. This certification is based on a technical description, which respects the actual regulations in Europe. The building retrofitting modules for BERTIM have to be validated considering all of the points in the repository: 2D modules and 2D modules with installations.

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The BERTIM prefabricated modules for building façade retrofitting,  as well as the  BERTIM building renovation holistic approach, will be tested in 3 building demonstrator, two real, in Charité sur Loire (France) and Oslo (Norway) and one virtual, in Madrid (Spain) managed by the partners POBI, Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF and EMVS respectively.

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