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BERTIM at Sp`16Over the past decades, there has been a growing interest of the construction sector in using Building Information Models (BIM)  as a consequence of potential benefits and resource savings. BIM adoption is growing fast and is becoming mandatory or at least recommended in several countries, especially when dealing with public procurement . The vast majority of scientific knowledge focuses on the the construction process (programming and design). However, current research shows that a new, innovative types of BIM can be used in many other daily works in sustainable construction sector.

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GA 06 2016 4The 2nd BERTIM General Assembly meeting was held in La Charité-sur-Loire France on the 07th and 08th of June 2016.

During the General Assembly, the consortium made an overview of the project progress, giving special attention to the review of the finalised  activities and tasks. The first part of the discussion focused on the BERTIM prefabricated modules’ specifications and the BERTIM renovation project decision procedure. These results will serve as a basis for further steps aimed at production of the envelope and 3d modules. Moreover, the specifications and the procedure will be implemented in the RenoBIM tool – an innovative solution that will allow seamless integration of the design and manufacturing processes. Therefore, project partners described current progress in production of the modules as well as RenoBIM tool and presented their plans for the future.

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renovation project decision making procedureThe report "Renovation project decision making procedure" has been finalised (task 2.4). It describes the procedure of the decision making during the process from first analysis of the building until the start of the detailed design of the modules.

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