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Legislative and regulatory requirements for the building renovation projectThe building branch and construction works are influenced with a relatively high degree of legislations, regulations and policies. Technical requirements on the EU construction marked are from an EU perspective harmonized. But on a national scale is the applying of EU building standards full of national nuances. The design standards allow a lot of national applications that influence the design buildings structures.
Within the BERTIM project Partners have analysed the differences in legislation and identified where national choices are made in the Eurocodes for the BERTIM countries.

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Partners of BERTIM projectThe International Wood Construction Forum (Forum Construction Bois) aims to connect the contractors and all the market actors of wood construction, to contribute to their improvement and make them save time. The last forum was in Lyon France, from the 13th to 15th of April 2016 and it put the actors in a best way to benefit opportunities of a market which is restarting.

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map of the worldAs the market insights into a BERTIM Business Plan are based on systematic gathering and recording of data, ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre is conducting on-going research and analysis to identify opportunities for successful development of the BERTIM outcomes. This includes, the holistic renovation process approach, the RenoBIM Software Tool and the Prefabricated self-supporting timber modules with the integration of the HVAC system. As a result, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Hungary have been selected as the best potential markets for the promotion and commercialization of the BERTIM results.

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