In the project, a comprehensive approach to renovating buildings is being developed. This includes making eco-friendly materials for restoration and creating a special BIM (building information modelling) app for architects. The project team aims to create new business opportunities for those in the construction industry who want to gain a competitive edge through the use of green renovation solutions.

It’s worth mentioning that the European construction sector has a significant environmental impact, consuming 40% of the energy produced and being responsible for one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. Because of this, there’s a growing trend to implement sustainable solutions that can lessen the negative effects of construction on the environment. The European Commission supports this trend by funding projects through the Horizon 2020 program that aim to produce innovative and eco-friendly building technologies. One such initiative is BERTIM. During a meeting in Brussels, reviewers noted significant progress in the area of business modelling. They emphasised that this is crucial for achieving the intended impact of the project results on the construction sector and for properly positioning the developed technology in the building materials market.

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